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The Kigali Music School was founded in 1980 in spite of extremely limited financial means.
The current director is Mr. Aimable Nsabayeso. The school employs six teachers; due to financial restriction of the school, these can only be paid for part time employment.
Kigali Music school has provided training for children as well as for a number of young adults. A total of 76 children ages 5 – 14, many of them homeless, and 36 young adults ages 15 – 30 have received training through the school, which offers lessons in guitar, piano, voice, traditional instruments, and dance. Recorder and cello have been recently added to the program.
The school desperately needs financial support in order to be able to pay rent, buy  instruments and related equipment (including sheet music, guitar strings, metronomes, tuners, etc), and to pay the teachers’ salaries. Parents show a rising interest in having their children receive musical training, but few families are able to cover the costs. We hope to find sponsors that will allow us to award scholarships to talented students (see our “adopt a student” program).