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Why “Music Road Rwanda”?

Music is an essential part of every society. Music connects people; it plays an important role in many areas of life, including education, honoring a cultural heritage or traditions, religious practices as well as many others. Very little musical training is available in Rwanda. Few schools offer any form of musical education. Professional training for vocations in music is not available.

What does “Music Road Rwanda” hope to achieve?

“Music Road Rwanda” promotes the development of musical involvement on several levels.
These include:
  • training for music teachers
  • public concerts
  • music therapy
  • concerts in orphanages and for widows (in cooperation with various humanitarian aid programs)
  • classes for church musicians, incorporating traditional instruments
  • networking with local musicians

Musical Education

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The Kigali Music School is the only music school in Rwanda.
“Music Road Rwanda” is collaborating with this music school to create long term strategies to further the development of musical education in other parts of Kigali as well as the rest of the country.

What is needed?

  • URGENT: The music school has lost it’s main supporter and is now suffering financially. The music school is able to pay it’s rent for a short period however only with your help will it continue to operate. If the school would close it would mean many would not receive the therapy and help they deserve.
  • quality teaching material for Kigali Music school
  • new instruments (string instruments including guitars, e pianos, and other instruments
  • technical equipment for the music school
  • Funds for teacher training, and to cover travel expenses for 5 – 10 European guest teachers to visit the music school each year.
  • Funds to provide training for piano tuners
  • Training for church music ministries, especially choir directing
  • Music therapy program for trauma victims
  • Financial support for music students (see our “adopt a student” program). A pledge of 420€ covers the cost of music lesson for one child for one year.